My name is Greg McKenzie and I live in Scotland with my 12 year-old daughter Katie.

After nearly 20 years of climbing my way up the corporate ladder (which involved me working long hours and spending loads of time working away from home) I was becoming very disillusioned, tired and jaded.

I was NO longer getting any pleasure or fulfillment from virtually living out of a suitcase. I even missed my daughters 3rd Birthday because I was working away from home. Time I will never get back!!

As for dealing with power hungry bosses….well, don’t get me started on that subject….I could write a War and Peace length novel on that subject.

Suffice to say I was becoming very unhappy – There had to be more to life than this!

Therefore, I started looking for alternative ways of making a living. Internet Marketing really appealed to me because of the time leverage it could give me. (My business could be open 24/7 and it didn’t involve me being there)

My biggest challenge I had when I started was that I was already working 70-80 hours per week in my job – when was I going to fit in the time to learn how to market products online.

I will let you into a secret – I was a complete technophobe when I started out. (Still am now to a certain extent)

To cut a long story short – after another strong debate, we’ll call it, with my then boss, I decided to give Affiliate Marketing a go! Without much success at first, I must add.

After a lot of trial and error, I did gradually start to make a little progress – the odd sale here and there. Nothing to write home about at first but I had proven to myself this Internet Marketing thing could work.

Fast Forward to the Present:

I’m pleased to inform you that after many, many, evenings and weekends burning the midnight oil I did work out “How to Make Money Online” and I’ve made good money from the internet since 2006 and have never really looked back since.

Advice to Beginners:


I love the affiliate marketing business model and recommend it to all new people, because of the very low start up costs!

To Your Success,

Best regards,

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