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How to Pick the Perfect Business

Back in August of this year I had a great day out in our capital city of Edinburgh…

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon when we arrived and we had a great time just wandering around watching all the different street acts perform at the Fringe Festival.

There was a variety of different acts performing that afternoon – everything from acrobats to jugglers to street magicians to the more traditional Scottish Piper dressed in full regalia…playing the bagpipes! (Made me proud to be Scottish) Read More…

How To Get Comments On Your Blog Posts

This Is How To Get Comments On Your Blog Posts

How To Get Comments On Your Blog Posts


If you own a blog and want to ensure that it has an active community then you have probably often found yourself wondering how to get comments on your blog posts.

The most obvious way to encourage comments on blog posts is to ask for them by placing a question for discussion at the bottom of your post.

You may also want to want to place an additional simpler version of your discussion question somewhere just after the first paragraph to warm up the reader for the discussion.

The question for discussion should relate heavily to the subject being discussed in the blog post and should concentrate on some point you mentioned in your post that different people could have a wide variety of different opinions on.
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How to SEO Your Blog Posts Update

In this post I thought I’d give you an update on one of my previous posts “How to Search Engine Optimize Your Blog Posts”.

How to Search Engine Optimize Your Blog Posts

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How to Beat Writers Block

This Is How to Beat Writers Block

How to Beat Writers Block

Most writers at some point have struggled with coming up with new or fresh ideas to write about, so this post “how to beat writers block” was specifically written with bloggers in mind, but the principles I will cover, are the same, regardless whether you are an article writer or a blogger.

I understand that after you’ve blogged for a while you can start to feel that things are getting a little stale, and you need to figure out how to beat writers block.  You may have heard about famous writers who had no trouble churning out a couple of masterpieces but all of a sudden couldn’t get a word on paper.

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FREEDOM – Can The Internet Set You Free?

FREEDOM - Can The Internet Set You Free?If you are new to online marketing then you probably have this nagging question in the back of your mind. Can the internet set you free? Or is it all BS and hype. Smoke screens and mirrors!

I thought I would write this post as a precautionary tale to new online marketers!

Why? Because I see a lot of newbies who are looking to make money online, endlessly searching for the holy grail – the magic button or magic pill! They jump from one opportunity to the next.

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