How To Get Comments On Your Blog Posts

This Is How To Get Comments On Your Blog Posts

How To Get Comments On Your Blog Posts


If you own a blog and want to ensure that it has an active community then you have probably often found yourself wondering how to get comments on your blog posts.

The most obvious way to encourage comments on blog posts is to ask for them by placing a question for discussion at the bottom of your post.

You may also want to want to place an additional simpler version of your discussion question somewhere just after the first paragraph to warm up the reader for the discussion.

The question for discussion should relate heavily to the subject being discussed in the blog post and should concentrate on some point you mentioned in your post that different people could have a wide variety of different opinions on.

This Is How To Get Comments On Your Blog Posts

By focusing on a question that people will have different opinions on you will find that your blog commentators will begin discussing their answers between themselves.

Another way to encourage discussion in your blog comments is to include a lot of your own opinions in your posts.

Opinions tend to be highly subjective, and other people will have their own subjective opinions and will feel compelled to share them in the comments.

This will lead to commentators commenting on each other’s opinions and can lead to some dynamic and interesting discussions in the comment section.

Controversy Can Be How To Get Comments On Your Blog Posts

Posting about controversial topics can also lead to some active discussions in the comments area of your blog. People love controversy, and love to discuss their own opinions on it.

Because controversy tends to be highly topical, you may find your blog post attracting a lot of search engine traffic from people searching for information on the subject of the controversy, or searching for a place to discuss it.

Avoid making controversial posts that are just designed to misinform and stir up trouble though, as these type of posts will just build a bad reputation for your site.

A better approach is to openly play devils advocate on a controversial topic to encourage discussion from different viewpoints.

This Is How To Get Comments On Your Blog Posts Consistently

By applying some imagination in incorporating discussion material into your posts, you will find that your blog can become a hive of interesting discussion for your community.

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