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Back in August of this year I had a great day out in our capital city of Edinburgh…

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon when we arrived and we had a great time just wandering around watching all the different street acts perform at the Fringe Festival.

There was a variety of different acts performing that afternoon – everything from acrobats to jugglers to street magicians to the more traditional Scottish Piper dressed in full regalia…playing the bagpipes! (Made me proud to be Scottish)

There was also very authentic looking street statues…you know the ones I mean – where people dress up as historical characters and make themselves look like statues!
Some of them looked the real deal…

Some of them looked the real deal…


We actually went through to Edinburgh to watch my nephew Fraser perform with the two bands he plays in – “The Marching Band” and “Withered Hand” nice little plug for them there! LOL

We decided to make a day out of it because the first band Fraser plays with wasn’t due to perform until 8pm.

So, after watching the street acts during the day and frequenting a quaint little Italian restaurant where we had some good food, which was duly washed down with a lovely bottle of vino…we then proceeded to the Queens Halls – the venue of the GIG where we were then thoroughly entertained with a night of live music!

Fraser and his band mates were fantastic! Nothing can beat live entertainment! Don’t you think?

Anyway, to cut a long story short after the gig we got a taxi cab from the venue to Waverley train station to catch the last train home to Stirling…

As I exited the cab and walked round the corner to check the departure board to see which platform our train was leaving from I reached into the left breast pocket of my jacket for my I-Phone and my heart sank as I suddenly realized it wasn’t there….

OMG my whole life is on my phone..

It must have dropped out of my pocket in the taxi cab ride to the station – so panic stricken I quickly ran back around the corner thinking I’ll be able to catch the cab driver before he drives off..
To my absolute horror….

All that was visible to me was a sea of black cabs like the one I had stepped out of moments earlier. There must have been 30 – 35 of them all black in colour and similar to the one that I had just used – I think they call them Hackney cabs!

I got my eyes on one that had just pulled away and I noticed its brake lights come on as if the driver had noticed me searching for it, so I decided I would go after that one and just as I was about to chase after it a man from across the street to my right walked over to me and said ” you left your phone in the back of my cab”. As he handed me my I-phone!

To say I was very grateful and relieved would be an understatement – I could have kissed him on the lips I was that relieved and grateful – now that is probably the first and last time you’ll ever hear that from a hairy arsed straight Scotsman. Lol (Scottish expression)

Fortunately for me just after I got out of the cab he had pulled across to the other side of the road to pick up another hire and the lady who got in noticed my phone straight away and was honest enough to hand it to the driver who was honest enough to look for me…

So, I’m sure by now you are probably asking yourself what has this got to do with how to pick the perfect business or opportunity?

Well, when I turned round the corner and could only see loads of black cabs and couldn’t differentiate all the other cabs from the one that I had hired then this reminded me of the online business opportunity market online.
There is a lot of noise online with everyone and their dog seemingly SHOUTING join my biz opp because we are the best or it does this or that….

It reminds me of donkey from “Shrek” shouting pick me, pick me! LOL

Most of them are short lived and don’t last! Having said that I do understand how you feel and how hard it can be to separate the real deals from all the fakes and garbage out there…

The Future is Looking Brighter Everyday!

Enjoy Life More…

To your continued success,

Greg McKenzie
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